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Pretty Head Wrap Reversible Jane & Red

Stylish NEW Floral Print Head Wrap from Bold Beanies with red reverse side. Add volume to your comfortable, breathable hat using a soft stretchy head wrap

A reversible double layer Jane floral head wrap which is easy to tie around your matching Jane or a contrasting Bold Beanie hat. A truly beautiful floral and leaf print in red, taupe, grey and blue on a warm black background. This version of the double sided wrap has a striking red side. If tied with the floral side to the top, the red just peaks out offering a pop of colour. Can also be worn with the red side up with glimpses of the pattern showing.

A great fashionable alternative for hair loss when you need a break from wearing a wig. 

Beautifully finished using the same high quality soft stretchy cotton material, we've developed two new headwear options for those undergoing chemo and experiencing Cancer hair loss. Also suitable and comfortable for women with non-medical Alopecia Areata and hair thinning. 

The Bold Beanies Head-Wraps are available as single or reversible double layered wraps in a wide range of plain colours and beautiful Liberty Art Fabrics Prints. The wraps are rectangular and are designed to stretch around the head one or more times and be tied in a multitude of ways. 

See our wrapping style ideas here: coming soon.

Matching head scarf, Bold Beanies and PICC Line Cover Sleeve is also available in this beautiful popular Jane print

Can't see the cancer headwear you're looking for? Emilienne's main objective from her Bold Beanies business is to help people suffering hair loss (her own experience was medical alopecia from chemotherapy treatments aged 31)... to make a things just a bit more bearable... so if you would like to have something bespoke or having something unique in mind, please drop her an email ( and she will always try to help. 

Made in the UK by Emilienne, over 10 years Breast Cancer free.

  • £2999

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