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Sunny Floral Comfy Chemo Beanie Hat

Super Sunny & Soft Stretchy Yellow with Pink Flower Print Cancer Hat

A hair loss hat to make you smile. Uplifting, lightweight, thin, breathable soft beanie cap for day wear or bed hat.

This is a lovely print hat with gorgeous bright pink and lovely yellow flower print. 

Breathable cotton material. Naturally stretchy to fit comfortably and snugly on the head made to the highest quality standards. Perfect as a day hat on its own or under other hats, scarves or helmets or as a comfortable snug sleep cap that stays put while you sleep for a good night's rest. Easy to put on which is great if you've had surgery or difficulty lifting arms.

Protective layer against harmful UV rays, this thin head cover wicks away sweat and keeps the head at an even temperature. 

Free UK and Worldwide Delivery Available. Made in the UK by a Breast Cancer Survivor.

Limited Edition while stocks last. 


  • £1599

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