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HOPE by Emilienne Houselander

A Simple Kids Story Book to give us all Hope in our Modern World

A gorgeous new children's book from Emilienne Houselander

This beautifully illustrated book takes us on a journey of Olivia who makes a wonderful new discovery after school one grey day. She shows it to her mother who has been waiting impatiently in bed all day for her to return home from school. Amazed by the discovery, Olivia shares her find at school and then with the media as the phenomenon goes viral. 

"Olivia felt as grey as the day... 'til the sun shone brightly, clouds drifting away. Just off the school bus, she sat on the swing... lost in her thoughts, then she noticed something."

But just what did Olivia find...?

Addressing issues in a sensitive and gentle way with a view promote discussion. 

This first edition comes as a hardback copy and has a lovely colouring page for the children to explore at the back of the book. 

ISBN: 978-1-5272-6662-9


  • £999

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