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My Story

My youngest daughter, Lotte, was just 7 months old when I was diagnosed with grade 3 advanced Breast Cancer. At 31 and with no family history it came as a shock to everyone. The following year was a roller-coaster of scans, hospital visits, operations, chemotherapy and of course emotions.

Matching hairstyles. Lotte's first Birthday. My 2nd Chemo. Head shaved as hair had started to fall out. I lost my hair during chemotherapy and felt very cold, especially at night. I struggled to find suitable head-wear. Scarves would slip in bed and woollen hats were too itchy and hot. I found my wig was incredibly uncomfortable and wore it on just two occasions, at the request of my oldest daughter, Olivia then aged 4, who really struggled with my hair loss. I wanted to cover up for my family and to keep warm - I needed something soft and simple, yet stylish, to slip on around the house and wear in bed... the idea for Bold Beanies was born.

Emilienne, Olivia and Lotte When I started to regain my life and energy I decided to start making my Bold Beanies for fellow sufferers ... to make a bad situation just a little bit more bearable.

The business, like myself, is going from strength to strength. I am able to offer my hats as a Bold Beanies Bouquet ... how wonderful for carers to be able to give a traditional gift that is not just beautiful, but practical too. My family would have bought me one in a flash... anything to make me feel a bit better.

When I got my first email from a happy customer, I knew I was doing the right thing... I was called a 'life-saver' which may seem a little extravagant... but explains the sheer relief from finding a hat for your sensitive scalp which is so soft, comfortable and breathable and such beautiful fabrics you even want to wear them. The website is expanding to introduce new lines to the existing womens, mens and childrens beanie hats and expand the customisation possibilities, including t-shirts. More and more people are buying Bold Beanies hats to go underneath all types of helmets and hard hats as an outdoor sports breathable layer.

I won a special recognition award at the British Female Inventors and Innovators Awards International 2009 (BFIIN) and a European Female Innovators Creativity award (EUWIIN) in 2015, for which I am immensely proud. Join the following on Facebook and Twitter ...and watch this space!