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Liberty Print & Bold Beanies Cancer Headwear

Bold Beanies is proud to offer a wide range of cancer alopecia headwear & chemotherapy accessories & gifts made with the beautiful highest quality Liberty Print Fabrics

Liberty London is known for many iconic prints all over the world.

Arthur Liberty began his career as an apprentice for a draper. He then took on a job at Farmer & Roger’s Great Shawl and Cloak Emporium – a position that set him on course of his life’s work. After ten years of work there, learning about textiles & other arts, he decided to branch out and open his own business in 1875, named ‘East India House’ where he solely sold Oriental imports – namely rugs, decorative objects and…fabrics.

After a few years, East India House grew & demand for their gorgeous fabrics became stronger. It was then that Liberty made the decision to import un-dyed fabrics and have them handprinted in England in the style of Oriental fabrics. At this point, Liberty started marketing their fabrics as ‘Made in England’ and their growth as a British brand began.

In the 1920s, Liberty began to produce miniature floral, paisley & abstract prints that became known as ‘Liberty Prints’ and the rest, as far as we are concerned, is history.

The Liberty Print for the charity Bold Beanie for Alice's Escapes was chosen by Alice herself and we worked in collaboration directly with the head office in London to create this special chemo hair loss hat.