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Eco Cotton Surgical Face Mask Graffiti Greeting

NEW to The Graffiti Greetings Range! Draw Your Own Facemask. Custom Eco-Friendly Washable Fabric Reversible Surgical Style Face Covering. Fun Lockdown Gift...

Design your very own face mask! Add anything you like to your own face covering on a plain white cotton side. Kids personalise a special mask for themselves, relatives or friends? What would you write? How would you customise your face mask? My daughter designed her own mask with a subtle design, but very important slogan, to her (as seen in photos) to wear to a march or simply in support.

This white customisable face mask come with a set of fabric pens. This simple face covering has a plain bottle green reversible side of two layers of high quality 100% cotton with white elastic (you can draw on this too!). Finished with pleats for comfort and and integrated nose bridge for a snug fit. Perfect for those needing or wanting a high quality mask but with the ability to have the design of their choice. Three sizes offer a great solution for all the family... why not all have matching masks or send the same message. Delivered with a pack of 6 coloured fabric pens. These fabric versions of the disposable protective face masks are sustainably made in the UK, can be washed and re-used making them a great environmentally happy alternative.

The fabric pens are fixed and washable once ironed. We drew ours over a mug to help open up the mask and give a harder surface to draw on. 

These masks are a great idea for any child or person struggling to deal with wearing a mask... it makes it more personable and fun and therefore less scary. A light-hearted gift for anyone needing to wear a mask. Write your favourite quote, draw a big smile or cover every bit of white in a beautiful rainbow... the choice is yours! Customise them for a family trip to quickly identify which mask is whose and who belongs to the party which is great for larger family groups within the loosening of the lockdown rules. 

You could write on your mask that you are hard of hearing to help others have more understanding. We are currently working on clear see-through masks also - Coming soon!

If you would like more masks, but not so many packs of pens, please contact Emilienne directly via email at Only possible on purchase of 4 or more Graffiti Greetings masks. 

5% discount on purchases of 4 or more face masks. Free UK delivery store wide on all orders over £40. This item is not eligible for further discount.

Our face masks are made with two layers of the highest quality 100% cotton fabric. Side pleats and integrated pliable nose bridge allow for a contoured and snug fit. Two elastic hoops are attached to the mask to fit comfortable over the ears*. 

They are designed to cover the nose and mouth and should be worn bridged on the nose and just under the chin. The integrated nose bridge allows a flush fit. Bold Beanies are offering three sizes to help you get a good fit over the face. RETURNS ONLY POSSIBLE AT OUR DISCRETION. Please see returns page for more information.

Please see the Surgical Face Mask Care for information on how to care and wash your Bold Beanies face mask.

Lots of different, fun print, masculine print, pretty prints and floral Liberty Print styles for Men, women, teens and kids will be added over the coming days. Print placement and reverse side may vary to image shown, but will always be co-ordinating. Soft cotton stretchy jersey face masks also coming soon to match your Bold Beanie cancer hair loss hat.

Mini - Suggested for children

Approx. Sizing: 17cm x 6cm (expandable up to 12cm in height)

Midi - Suggested for Smaller Adults & Teens

Approx. Sizing: 18cm x 9cm (expandable up to 14 cm in height)

Maxi - Suggested for Larger Adults

Approx. Sizing: 20cm X 13cm (expandable up to 17 cm in height)

Bold Beanies surgical-style face masks are a great eco alternative to paper disposable masks and suitable for a wide range of people such as nail technicians, dentists, dental hygienists, nurses, care workers, nursery carers etc. Sustainably made in a small UK factory, they are:

- Lightweight

- Breathable

- Pleated for a contoured & comfortable fit

- 100% Cotton Luxury Fabrics

- Anti pollution & Anti Allergy

- Nose bridge for a good sealing over nose

- Sustainable fashion and Eco-friendly

- Reversible & Washable

- Great range of fun & Liberty Prints.

Whilst the common term for these types of face masks is 'surgical', we have decided to call them surgical-style. They are also known as Chemo Masks, Flu Masks, Medical Masks or simply Pretty Face Masks.  Wearing a face mask can reduce your risk of flu and also help prevent the spread of your germs to others.

Only the N95 masks are sealed on the face and protect against all particles, but they are usually hot to wear, breathing is restricted and they are difficult to put on.

What do Medical Face Masks do?

Experts say masks can be effective in preventing the spread of most respiratory viruses that are transmitted through droplets in the air or on surfaces. However, like most preventative measures, it is not a catch- all solution. Most importantly Face-Masks help you to stop touching your face and spreading bacteria. WASHING YOUR HANDS is ESSENTIAL (for minimum 20 seconds) in helping to reduce the spread of air-borne viruses.

You should remove the mask by the straps only and then wash your hands. The mask should be set to clean immediately (in a bowl for soaking or directly into the washing machine).

Specific washing and care instructions for your face mask can be found at the Bold Beanies Info Page: Surgical-Style Face Mask Sizing and Face Mask Care. 

What can you do to protect yourself from flus and viruses, especially when your immune system is already vulnerable from chemotherapy treatments?

There is nothing that you can that will guarantee you will not catch the flu or viruses during the flu season (unless you decide to have no contact with humans). However, there are steps that you can take to reduce your chance of catching flu and preventing its spread.

- Wash your hands frequently
- Cover your mouth when you cough, not with your hand, ideally with your elbow, a tissue and/or with a surgical-type face mask like this one.
- Get the flu vaccine every year.

Wearing a Bold Beanies surgical-type face mask can also help with allergies and reduce your exposure to dust, pollen, mould, pet dander, and lint... all in fashionable way.

Limited Editions, while stocks last. Made in the UK. Free UK Delivery on Orders over £40. 


Flu Mask. Surgical Mask. Cotton Face Mask. Chemo Mask. Medical Mask. Chemotherapy Mask. Cancer Mask. Protective Face Mask. 

*Please contact us directly if you are allergic to elastic require any of our face masks finished with string (extra time to fulfil your order will be required). 

  • £2100

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