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Bright Floral Cotton Headscarf Bandana Gloria

Wonderful Bright Blue Floral Print Bandana 

Stunning ladies cotton headscarf bandana in a vintage retro floral Gloria print on a striking royal blue background. Flowers and leaves print in white with highlights in red, grey, mauve, yellow and black. Beautifully finished in a matching dark pink/red thread. Designed in a triangle shape which ties with ease at the back or side of the neck... or any way you choose! Can ideally be worn layered over a Bold Beanie for extra comfort with hair loss or used as a pretty neck scarf or fashion summer top.

One size for women, teens and girls of all ages. Would look amazing over a red or yellow Bold Beanie for a pop of colour underneath the headscarf.

Suitable for ladies with hair (I LOVE mine and I have hair!) or those experiencing temporary cancer alopecia for medical treatments such as chemotherapy or more permanent hair thinning or Alopecia Areata. 

Made in the UK by a Emilienne who lost her hair with chemo for Breast Cancer aged 31. Limited Edition while stocks last. Free Delivery Options available. 

  • £2499

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