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Eco Face Mask Beanie Clip-On Carrier Bag Liberty Anita

Pretty Washable Cotton Eco-Friendly Clip- Bag To Carry Your Bold Beanie, Sunglasses or Face Mask

Pretty Liberty Print Anita in gorgeous plum colour-way. Traditional Liberty floral print with flowers in burgundy, tan and pink. Matching drawstring closing finished with a gold coloured clip to attached to your bag or clothing. 

Carry your face mask, beanie, glasses or any small items with style and safety. This bag can fit up to four face masks or a couple of beanies. Can be clipped to any other bag, rucksack, briefcase or clothing. Put any used washable item into the bag and safely wash all in the machine. No need to touch the face mask after use. 

Limited Edition Print. 

Eco Bags. Produce Bags. Face Mask Bag. Beanie Bag. 

  • £1799

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