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Extra Thin Cotton Blue Chemo Beanie

Extra Thin Hat for Women with Hair Loss. Thin, Lightweight, Breathable Stretchy Cotton Beanie designed for hotter temperatures

A temperature controlling soft snug hat for cancer patients looking to protect the scalp from harmful UV rays. Perfect on their own as protective summer headgear or layer under all types of other headwear (summer caps, scarves, hijabs, helmets, straw hats) to stop them slipping and wick away sweat. 

This temperature controlling skull cap will keep you covered up in hot summer weather but still offer protection on cooler days. Perfect for outdoor sports, walking or in the garden as a day beanie or in bed as a sleep cap.  

This is a limited edition Bold Beanie and comes in this flattering soft blue colour and is also available for children with hair loss from cancer treatments or Alopecia. 

If you are sending this Bold Beanie as a gift, please leave the gift note at checkout.

Limited Edition, while stocks last. Made in the UK by a Breast Cancer Survivor using the highest quality fabrics. Worldwide Shipping! Free delivery also available.

  • £1299

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