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Green Boy Girl Soft Cancer Hat Unisex

Soft, comfortable snug cotton fabric cancer hat for both boys and girls in bright green

Hats for kids with hair loss made to fit snugly, softly and comfortably to the head and stay put. Great as a scarf liner to keep heads and ears warm.

Matching teddy/dolly Bold Beanie also available upon request.

Children's Bold Beanies are available in 3 sizes: Mini (approx age 1-2), Midi (approx age 3-5) and Maxi (approx age 6-10+) but as kids heads tend to vary so much please contact us if you have any questions with regards sizing.

Made in the UK. Please contact us directly if you see a hat out of stock or are unsure of sizing. 

Free UK Delivery on all orders over £40 and Free international shipping over £65

  • £1299

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