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Liberty Cancer Headscarf Reversible Maisel

Beautiful Cotton Liberty Maisel Head Scarf With Reversible Teal Plain Side for Women with Cancer Alopecia Hair Loss

Gorgeous vintage retro floral Maisel print with flowers, vines and leaves in teal, taupe, tan, lilac and purple on a dark ecru background. The reverse side is a simple and practical plain teal. One size.

Silky soft and comfortable vintage Liberty Art Fabric headscarf to sit easily, snugly and be very comfortable on the head. Designed in a triangle shape which ties with ease at the back or side of the neck. Can be worn layered over a Bold Beanie for extra warmth or just because it looks good.

Suitable for women of all ages. For ladies with hair (I LOVE mine and I have hair!) or those experiencing temporary alopecia for medical treatments such as chemotherapy or more permanent hair thinning or Alopecia Areata.

Sustainably made in the UK by Emilienne who lost her hair during treatments for Breast Cancer. Limited Edition while stocks last. Free UK delivery available. 

  • £3499

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