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Liberty Jude Green Mens Comfy Chemo Hat

Men's Liberty Art Fabrics Dark Green Muted Paisley Pattern Thin, Breathable Hair Loss Skull Cap

This unisex Liberty Art Fabric is a very flattering and versatile colour and print

The darker green background has a muted, subtle paisley pattern over the top in a lighter shade of green.

Naturally stretchy to fit comfortably and snugly on the head. Perfect barrier against the cold and designed to be breathable and keep the head at an even temperature so it doesn't get too hot either. Designed with minimal seams and no irritating labels to give the wearer the most comfortable fit. Great as a night sleep skull cap as well as gorgeous to make you feel confident during the day when covering up is important. Does not slip around like a scarf does and in turn will keep a scarf in place if layered as a liner underneath. Comfortable and sweat wicking barrier under any type of helmet, hard hat or hijab with or without hair.

A great addition to the collection of headwear someone might need if going through chemotherapy treatments for cancer or hair thinning or loss from alopecia.

Also available for women. Why not show sympathy and have matching hats?

Limited Edition. Available while stocks last. Free UK Delivery on all orders over £40

  • £1899

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