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PICC IV Line Arm Pump IV Cover Dark Paisley

Dark Paisley Print PICC IV Pump Line Sleeve Arm Cover 

Cover up your arm PICC port with a fabric sleeve to stop it snagging to help you feel more secure. Stylish paisley print in a mix of rust, brown, blue and navy in a soft stretchy breathable cotton fabric. 

Our range of PICC Line Sleeve Covers are designed to cover medical chemo PICC lines, IV Line, Diabetes Pump and CGM Sensors and are not a direct replacement for sterile dressings. PICC lines are typically inserted into a vein in the upper arm, so using a tape measure, measure around your upper arm at the mid point (or get someone else to help, it can be tricky!). It is best to wait until your PICC line has been placed before measuring and ordering to ensure the best fit.

Our PICC lines are made using the highest quality stretchy cotton fabrics and designed with that in mind to be snug, not tight... should your PICC line feel uncomfortable, please contact your nurse or doctor. 

We recommend that you measure the arm with the PICC port with your hand on your hip... please be careful not to disturb any ports or dressings. Arms can and do differ in size quite markedly – the dominant arm usually, but not always, has more muscle. Measure your bicep before purchasing as covers that have been opened are not eligible for returns of hygiene. 

We have sized our PICC Line Sleeves in line with regular clothes sizing.
Each cover will stretch comfortably up to 1 inch / 2.5 cm and are measured un-stretched. 

Extra Small - Up to 24cm (9½”)

Small - 25 to 28cm (10″-11″)

Medium - 29 to 32cm (11½”-12½”)

Large - 33 to 36cm (13″-14″) 

Extra Large - 37 to 40cm (14½”-16″)

If you are in-between sizes we recommend choosing the smaller size. If a size you require is out of stock please contact us.

This lovely unisex print is also available in pastel colour-way with many matching items available including Headscarves, Head Wraps, Iron On Patches and Bold Beanies chemotherapy alopecia hats.

Sustainably made in the UK on the borders of England and Wales. Worldwide shipping. Limited Edition Print while stocks last. 

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