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Retro Floral Maeve Head Wrap Double-Sided

Gorgeous Maeve Floral & Pink Reversible Comfy Cotton Chemo Head Wrap for Women with Cancer Alopecia Hair Loss

Stretchy and comfy retro floral fabric headwrap in beautiful bright fun flower print in pinks, blue, teal, purple and brown on an ecru base.

Designed by Emilienne who lost her hair with chemotherapy treatment for Breast Cancer to be stylish, super comfortable and easy tie... especially important for following breast surgery when lengthy lifting of arms can be difficult. 

This fun print has a simple and practical bright pink side, making it a very versatile and wearable bandana on both sides. Wear over a contrasting or matching Bold Beanie. One size for people of all ages.

Suitable for ladies with hair or those experiencing temporary alopecia for medical treatments such as chemotherapy or more permanent hair thinning or Alopecia Areata. 

Sustainably and ethically made in the UK. Limited Edition while stocks last. Fast worldwide shipping.

  • £2399
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