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Women's Fun Chemo Headscarf Bandana Green Stripe

Vintage Style Bright Green Stripe Headscarf Bandana from Bold Beanies 

This super comfy cotton fabric head scarf is easy to tie and fits snugly on the head. Designed in a single layer using stretchy fabric for a snug fit which doesn't slip around and in a triangle shape which ties with ease at the back or side of the neck... or any way you choose!

Pretty bright green and ecru cream thin stripe pattern. Beautifully finished with a frilled edging in matching bright green.

Can be worn layered over a Bold Beanie for extra warmth in very weather. This headscarf is suitable to wear in bed when the heating may not be on overnight and will keep your head at an even temperature helping the wearer get a good nights sleep.

One size for women of all ages and teen girls. 

Also suitable for ladies with hair or those experiencing temporary alopecia for medical treatments such as chemotherapy or more permanent hair thinning or Alopecia Areata. 

Sustainably made in the UK by a Emilienne. Fast worldwide shipping.

  • £2499

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