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Women's Silky Patchwork Floral Head Scarf

Beautiful Silky Patchwork Cancer Scarf

Gorgeous on-trend patchwork effect print navy silky feel headscarf women with style. Beautiful navy base with flowers in pops of colour in rose pink, chartreuse, blues, ecru, greens and purples.

The perfect chemotherapy hair loss headwear; designed with style and comfort in mind. This bandana is not made of silk, but a natural alternative that looks and feels like silk and offers breathable practicality at an affordable price.

A Bold Beanie base layer would prevent any silky scarf from slipping - one less thing to worry about and extra warmth in colder weather.

These head scarf bandanas are made in a large triangle shape making the ends super easy to tie (no lengthy lifting of arms). One size suitable for women of all ages and also suitable for teenage girls. 

Here at Bold Beanies we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality innovative Cancer Chemotherapy Alopecia headwear for women, men, kids and teens with hair loss. Made in the UK and designed by Emilienne who lost her hair with treatment for Breast Cancer at a young age.

Limited Edition print. Free and Worldwide Shipping available.

  • £2699

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