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Im on 'The Cool Seat' tomorrow on BBC Radio Shropshire

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Listen to Jim Hawkins interviewing me tomorrow on Radio Shropshire's 'The Cool Seat'

A bit trepidatious, hopefully I'll have lots to say... my life's journey so far has certainly been quite eclectic. 

Not just talking Bold Beanies cancer hats and scarves we will be talking about my journey which has led me to having a factory in Shropshire; my books, clothing manufacture, as well as myself and my weird, wonderful and sometimes difficult life up to now.

Did you know.. I started my career as a radio presenter for Radio France and had my own programmes (and fans!!)? I was an international software project manager and was responsible for the warrants section of the London Stock exchange website amongst others? I completely renovated a Grade 2 listed cottage and know all about 'build-over agreements' and lime mortar. I was asked to go on Dragons Den. I love party planning and have thrown some pretty spectacular parties including one inside a rainbow. I have a brain aneurysm. I won a BFIIN award for my chemo headwear and shared a table with a woman who had invented a telescope which was used on a NASA Mars mission (I felt very unworthy, but she was so lovely). I'm a Role Model for the welsh assembly. I've been inside pyramids, swam with Dolphins, Kayaked my way through the Voges mountains in the snow and I tried to stroke a lion in Ngorongoro Crater... oh and tripped on the 'pink carpet' at the Legally Blonde 2 premiere with Reese Witherspoon... I was 7 month pregnant, how embarrassing! I wonder what we'll talk about tomorrow.

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To listen to my 'The Cool Seat' interview online please go to:

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