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Ern, Denmark

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Bold Beanies Hair Loss Hats Feedback




Attention to detail is what immediately strikes you as a customer when   you receive your order from Bold Beanies, in just 5 days, and I live in Denmark and there was a weekend in between.

For this, my latest purchase, I was given the best customer service that I have ever experienced in my life , and I am nearing my 57th year, just so you know. Being a man, and not too keen on dark colours, I asked Emilienne if she happened to have an all white beanie in her shop. She replied no, but she could have one made for me....And she did.

Quality. The beanie hat is made from super soft cotton of great quality, my first order having been washed many times now. You do not really feel it on your head, and I have absolutely no hair up there any more. Also, it keeps you warm in winter and protected from the sun during summer without becoming too hot.

Fit and shape. The fit and shape is great. You feel that you look more like The Edge from U2 , rather than a weather-beaten garden gnome, and believe me, I have been through a lot of hats in my time, all from leading sports companies to cheap plain ones. Because of the way the beanie is sewn it looks like a great little hat and not like a swimming cap.

Sewing. The way the beanie hat is sewn you realize that Bold Beanies and Emilienne have addressed an important problem by avoiding unnecessary seams and labels that can irritate your scalp.

Contact. Queries and ordering is easy as Emilienne answers her email very quickly, and speaking to her on the telephone is really nice, quite simply because Emilienne is such a nice person who, not least possesses the great skill of patience.

Postage and packing. Finally a comment on the postage and packing, as this,too, is treated with much care and attention to detail, making you feel that you receive a little present when your order arrives.

Overall rating. TOP MARKS in EVERY CATEGORY from Denmark to Emilienne and her Bold Beanies. WELL DONE!

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