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Lovely Feedback for Bold Beanies via email from Sian...

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

I just wanted to leave my review for these excellent products which are really helping me with my chemotherapy treatments.   I ordered the following products:

Liberty Midnight Damson Standard Hat:
Liberty Midnight Damson PICC :
Liberty Elisa Blue Standard Hat: 
Liberty Elisa Blue PICC:
And they arrived immediately.   I am delighted with the quality of them, and the Liberty prints are just so pretty.
As the weather is getting cooler, and my hair loss is getting more pronounced, I will be wearing the beanies much more often.  As it is, I am wearing the PICC sleeves all of the time.  They are so much more comfortable than bandages, and still give you a great feeling of being protected.
Emilienne has been so friendly and helpful- I can’t praise her company enough.  Thank you so much Emilienne.

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