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Women’s Cancer Hats US USA United States

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Women’s Cancer Hats US USA United States

I had a really lovely online enquiry from a customer earlier asking about shipping our bold Beanies cancer hats to the USA. 

She was looking for stylish women’s headwear which was also comfortable as she’s having chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. I explained about our snug, coton beanie cancer hats and beautiful quality Liberty printed double sided head scarf made for comfort and ease after surgery. 

Having chemo, she’d lost her hair quickly and felt cold at night, like I did. Her bald scalp was extra sensitive, so she wanted cotton headwear as they are hypoallergenic and breathable. The skull caps for ladies are suitable for daywear and as a temperature controlling cancer sleep hat.

She ordered some soft cancer Beanies (plain colours and Liberty prints) and head scarves to be shipped to America and had a headwear bouquet sent to a friend as a thoughtful cancer gift also having chemotherapy in Ireland. She also ordered a graffiti greetings skull cap to be sent to America for her and her children to write on for her oncologist as he is a runner as thin breathable sweat wicking exercise beanie.

I really love hearing from my customers and good feedback about our pretty cancer headwear. 

Fast international shipping to USA, Canada, Australia and Ireland. FREE SHIPPING on all orders over £65.

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