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Liberty Cancer Headwear

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Liberty Cancer Headwear

Are you looking for stylish, quality headwear for someone having chemotherapy treatment for cancer and losing their hair?  The original concept behind Bold Beanies came from Emilienne who lost her hair with chemo for Breast Cancer aged 31 and couldn't find anything fashionable as well soft and comfy to cover up whilst looking after her young family.  Choosing only the very best UK fabrics from Liberty of London as well as other designer quality cotton-based prints and plains she created a collection of Chemo headwear to suit women of all ages, as well as men, kids and teens. From Bold...

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Why are Bold Beanies Cancer Hats So Special?

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Why are Bold Beanies Cancer Hats So Special?

For most it's the sheer sense of relief of having a soft comfortable hat that is snug enough to stay in place but not tight at all. One less thing to worry about when life can be difficult and complicated

Everyone loves the pretty and/or fun quality patterns and wide variety of customisable plains to match any outfit, style or mood. A style to suit everyone, day or night wear.

Bold Beanies hats are constructed from the highest quality thin stretchy natural cotton breathable Liberty Prints, famous for their beautiful designs and timeless patterns. Limited seams and with the label on the outside, give the wearer the most comfy fit and keep the head at an even temperature (warm in winter and cool in summer). Our head covers are sustainably made in the UK in a small factory on the borders of the UK and Wales. All Bold Beanies chemo sleep caps and headwear are all eco friendly products with a careful eye on carbon footprint. 

Our cancer hats are perfect to wear on their own during the day or night as a pretty night cap or layer up under scarves, head wraps helmets, hard hats to hijabs.

The idea for Bold Beanies was born out of necessity when Emilienne Rebel lost her hair at age 31 with chemotherapy treatment for grade 3 advanced breast cancer. Her head felt cold, especially at nigh-time when scarves would slip and woollen hats were itchy and too hot. As a younger person going through cancer she found the hair loss headwear available online too fussy and outdated and craved a simple, snug, breathable, comfortable hat which is easy to put on... but also something stylish and pretty to make her feel feminine again and keep covered up for her young family. She found her wig very uncomfortable and felt more self conscious wearing that head covering than anything else. Loosing her hair she felt very self conscious her whole face looked different having lost not just the hair on her head, but eyebrows and eyelashes too... not to mention puffy and bloated from the steroids. 

The Bold Beanies headwear range has extended to include Headscarves, Head Wraps, wonderful cancer Alopecia bouquet flower gifts and PICC line cover sleeves. All our cancer headwear is available for children, teenagers, ladies and men suffering from hair loss, hair thinning, Alopecia Areata or simply for those who just want to cover up and keep ears warm during outdoor sports or under all types of helmets, such as cycling or ski helmets and hard hats.

Emilienne prides herself on her business's caring customer service and will always do her best to accommodate personalisation requests. 

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Bold Beanies Cancer Alopecia Beanie Hats - The Benefits

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Bold Beanies Cancer Alopecia Beanie Hats -  The Benefits

- Stylish, practical and easy for cancer hair loss

- Temperature controlling cotton fabric, warm in winter & cool in summer

- So comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it 

- Super silky-soft stretchy cotton quality material

- Doesn't slip around, stays put on the head giving confidence

- Designed with minimal seams so no irritation to a sore scalp

- Sweat wicking, thin fabric, the perfect helmet liner

- Fits snuggly but not tight onto the head

- Day wear to slip on, look good, cover up and get on 

- Night Cap which doesn't slide around to help get a good nights sleep

- Easy to put on. No lengthy lifting of arms; especially welcome after surgery

- Suitable for all ages with chemo alopecia hair loss or thinning

- Wide variety of designs for Women, Men and Children 

- Liberty Art Fabrics prints and wide range of plains

- Customisable hat. Great for individuals, as a gift or for team sports or groups

- Made in the UK by a small manufacturer

- Designed by a Breast Cancer survivor who lost her hair with chemotherapy 

- One less thing to worry about 

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Why Bold Beanies Cancer Headwear..?

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Why Bold Beanies Cancer Headwear..?

Exceptional quality, easy to put on and super comfortable, stylish Cancer headwear. European Award Winning Headwear!

At Bold Beanies we are committed to helping anyone going through chemotherapy, alopecia and other medical hair loss issues. Our beautiful handmade headscarves, head wraps (bandanas), beanies, night caps and helmet liners will make you feel instantly pretty and feminine. One less things to worry about.  

Choose from our beautiful selection of Liberty prints and plain fabrics that are all natural and breathable, including cotton, silk and cashmere. Skull caps and sleep caps for Men, women and kids. 

All of our chemo designs will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. We have developed a range of chemotherapy styles (including PICC cover sleeves and cancer gifts for loved ones) which are very easy to put on. No lengthy lifting of arms or fiddly fabrics to tie. 

We've designed the Bold Beanies for style, ease and comfort in mind... the perfect one stop solution to anybody's hair loss. Constructed with minimal seams and no irritating labels for ultimate comfort. 

We've designed the headscarf to flatter every face. Double-sided for interest and value for money, lots of clients turn back the front part to reveal the underside. This style is perfect for anyone who wants to wear a pretty headscarf but doesn't want to have the hassle of learning to tie a square one and is snug and completely secure of the head. 

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Liberty Art Fabrics - Why are Liberty Print Cancer hats & scarves so special?

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Liberty Art Fabrics - Why are Liberty Print Cancer hats & scarves so special?

I'm so proud to offer my Bold Beanies headwear in such beautiful quality Liberty prints. Simple, easy to wear and immaculately constructed cancer beanies, headscarves, head wraps and PICC covers made using these wonderful and uplifting prints from Liberty of London so quintessential British & with quintessential quirkiness.

As one of the best-known department stores in the UK, Liberty London offers a diverse range of products, but one of their staple products & absolute best sellers are their fabrics – specifically their cotton prints. Not surprising, then, is that the founder of Liberty London has his roots in fabric and Liberty has a great tradition and history spanning a period of over 80 years.

In the 1920s, Liberty began to produce miniature floral, paisley & abstract prints that became known as ‘Liberty Prints’ and the rest, as far as I am concerned, is history.

Englishman Arthur Lasenby Liberty began his career as an apprentice for a draper. He then took on a job at Farmer & Roger’s Great Shawl and Cloak Emporium – a position that set him on course of his life’s work. After ten years of work there, learning about textiles & other arts, he decided to branch out and open his own business in 1875, named ‘East India House’ where he solely sold Oriental imports – namely rugs, decorative objects and…fabrics!

In 1875 a small shop opened in Regent Street London called Liberty & Co. This was the dream of an Englishman Arthur Liberty, a man of great vision and artistic skills who until his death in 1917 played a leading part in the growth and achievements of a wonderful department store.

Arthur Liberty spent many years travelling to Eastern parts of the world gaining inspiration for the development of his store and he would bring home beautiful rugs and fabrics from these countries. He involved William Morris and other famous artists of the 19th century in the designing of rugs and materials. Some of these early designs are still used today.

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