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Cancer Hats for Men

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Cancer Hats for Men

Benefits of our Bold Beanies Chemo Hair Loss Headwear for Men

- Natural Stretchy Cotton Fabric

- Breathable & Temperature Controlling

- Designed for style & comfort

- No slipping on bald scalp

- Minimal Seams For Optimal Comfort

- Sweat Wicking & Naturally Antibacterial

- Wear as Soft Helmet & Other Headwear Liner

- No Irritating Label or Seams

- Easy to put on

- UV protective

- Liberty Prints & Customisable Plain Colours

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Bold Beanies Cancer Alopecia Beanie Hats - The Benefits

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Bold Beanies Cancer Alopecia Beanie Hats -  The Benefits

- Stylish, practical and easy for cancer hair loss

- Temperature controlling cotton fabric, warm in winter & cool in summer

- So comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it 

- Super silky-soft stretchy cotton quality material

- Doesn't slip around, stays put on the head giving confidence

- Designed with minimal seams so no irritation to a sore scalp

- Sweat wicking, thin fabric, the perfect helmet liner

- Fits snuggly but not tight onto the head

- Day wear to slip on, look good, cover up and get on 

- Night Cap which doesn't slide around to help get a good nights sleep

- Easy to put on. No lengthy lifting of arms; especially welcome after surgery

- Suitable for all ages with chemo alopecia hair loss or thinning

- Wide variety of designs for Women, Men and Children 

- Liberty Art Fabrics prints and wide range of plains

- Customisable hat. Great for individuals, as a gift or for team sports or groups

- Made in the UK by a small manufacturer

- Designed by a Breast Cancer survivor who lost her hair with chemotherapy 

- One less thing to worry about 

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Ladies Antibacterial Cotton Soft Comfy Breathable Cancer Headwear

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Ladies Antibacterial Cotton Soft Comfy Breathable Cancer Headwear

Bold Beanies now offer a wide range of silky soft cotton hats, headscarves and head wraps suitable for sensitive scalps from cancer chemotherapy treatments, for women with hair or hair thinning to more permanent Alopecia Areata. 

Our headwear range is made using the finest natural fabric and to the highest quality. The thin stretchy cotton material is practical, antibacterial, breathable, easy to put and keeps the head at an even temperature. 

Our beanies, head wraps, head scarves, picc line covers are beautiful using the best Liberty Art Fabrics for style as well as comfort and a complete range of plain colours to co-ordinate with any outfit and make you feel more comfortable. 

Have a wide range of headwear options for your course of treatment including beanies for day and night wear, head wraps and head scarves as well as a wig to see you through. Bold Beanies are perfect as a comfy breathable, sweat wicking layer under other woolly hat, hijabs, turbans and all types of helmets and hard hats.

Made in the UK by a Breast Cancer Survivor. Free UK and worldwide shipping available. 

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Pretty Gifts for Women Having Chemo

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Pretty Gifts for Women Having Chemo

Product Spotlight : Blue Skies Bold Beanies Gift Posy Bouquet. The Ultimate Luxury Comfy Gift for Ladies with Cancer Hair Loss from Chemotherapy Treatments. 

Three quality cotton soft beanies rolled to look like roses and resented with silk flowers to make a gift posy bouquet. A traditional gift (flowers by post) but also practical too. Great alternative to real flowers when you are ill (and you don't need to find yet another vase!). The Blue Skies Bouquet Bold Beanies Bouquet Posy includes blue toned hats... One Liberty Art Fabrics blue printed hat and two co-ordinating plains. 

This ready made gift takes difficult task of choosing which styles to choose from you and makes it quicker and easier... alternatively you can choose the hats you want in a bouquet by adding three or more hats to your basket and selecting the 'Make into Bouquet' option also. 

Silky soft stretchy cotton cancer hats made to fit snuggly onto a sore scalp with an emphasis on comfort and ease. Easy to put on and so soft and comfortable to forget about the hair loss and get on with daily activities or simply keep the head at an even temperature to get a good nights sleep. 

All bouquets (or single beanies) can be sent with a handwritten gift note directly to the recipient. Please add note at checkout.

The very first bouquet ever sent was to a woman suffering with Alopecia Areata, so suitable for all types of hair thinning, medical or otherwise. These stretchy breathable hats are also suitable to wear over hair as a sweat wicking barrier under all types of helmets and hard hats or hijabs. 

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What's so good about a Bold Beanie...?

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

What's so good about a Bold Beanie...?

Stylish pretty headwear for younger women going through Breast Cancer. For younger women with chemotherapy hair loss often with young families who need to get on with their busy days and just cover up to feel more confident and look more 'normal'.

One less thing to worry about, you will breathe a sigh of relief.

They are made using luxury Liberty silky soft fabrics with no unnecessary seams or labels to fit snuggly on a sore head. They don't slip around like a scarf and are very comfortable. Temperature controlling cotton natural breathable material make them temperature controlling so no taking on and off as your head gets too hot or cold. great if you need a peaceful nights sleep. 

Bold Beanies Sleep Caps come in two sizes and a wide variety of plain, customisable, colours and a wonderful array of beautiful Liberty prints.

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