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Ladies Antibacterial Cotton Soft Comfy Breathable Cancer Headwear

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Bold Beanies now offer a wide range of silky soft cotton hats, headscarves and head wraps suitable for sensitive scalps from cancer chemotherapy treatments, for women with hair or hair thinning to more permanent Alopecia Areata. 

Our headwear range is made using the finest natural fabric and to the highest quality. The thin stretchy cotton material is practical, antibacterial, breathable, easy to put and keeps the head at an even temperature. 

Our beanies, head wraps, head scarves, picc line covers are beautiful using the best Liberty Art Fabrics for style as well as comfort and a complete range of plain colours to co-ordinate with any outfit and make you feel more comfortable. 

Have a wide range of headwear options for your course of treatment including beanies for day and night wear, head wraps and head scarves as well as a wig to see you through. Bold Beanies are perfect as a comfy breathable, sweat wicking layer under other woolly hat, hijabs, turbans and all types of helmets and hard hats.

Made in the UK by a Breast Cancer Survivor. Free UK and worldwide shipping available. 



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