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Why Bold Beanies ? They're the best Cancer Headwear!

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

My main aim when starting Bold Beanies many years ago was to provide stylish, comfortable and 'easy to put on' headwear for cancer patients at an affordable price; giving women of all ages a choice to stay fashionable even through hair loss. We now make chemotherapy caps for men, teens and kids too!

Bold Beanies are so comfortable you'll simply forget you're wearing one; but stylish so you feel complete in your outfit and confident to get on with your day... cover up for your family or do you need a snug beanie hat for a child so they can play?

Bold Beanies are so easy to slip onto the head... no lengthy lifting of arms or constant checking to see if in the correct position; so important if you've had a lot of surgery, as I did. 

Made on the borders of Wales and England, using the highest quality natural fabrics, beautiful Liberty Prints and fun designer patterns to create Bold Beanies cancer hats and other headwear solutions for hair loss such as head wraps, bandanas a different types of head scarves.

The thin cotton based fabric has a touch of stretch to allow the beanies to fit snugly, but not tightly onto a sore scalp. The material is breathable and keeps the head at an even temperature... something that you become increasingly aware of when you lose your hair suddenly. This temperature balance gives the wearer more control... one less thing to worry about. Naturally UV protective too.

Bold Beanies are constructed with minimal seams avoiding pressure points and no irritating labels on the inside. Designed with comfort, ease as well as style. Recommended by many of the cancer charities.

Snug enough to wear as a sleep cap which wont slip around like a scarf and give you a break from wearing a wig (I don't know anyone that wears a wig in bed?). Bold Beanies chemo hats are the perfect base layer for under all types of other summer hats, hijabs, wooly beanies, fleece beanies as well as a liner under hard hats and helmets. 

Available on in stock ready to send out fast, Bold Beanies cancer hats come in a rainbow of colours, pretty floral Liberty prints and fun patterns. We pride ourselves on the quality of out products and are small business that really cares about our customers who are mostly reaching out to us during a very challenging time in their lives (whether that be for themselves or a loved one). 

Are you looking for a gift for someone going through chemotherapy cancer treatment... look no further, our beautiful roses, bouquets and posy give you the opportunity of sending a traditional and beautiful gift, but a practical one too. 

See the full range of chemotherapy hair loss alopecia headwear at Get in touch with me, Emilienne, if you can't find what you're looking for and best wishes for your (or if you're supporting a loved one's) treatment xx Ps... I'm happy to provide a discount code, please just email me :)

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