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Best Loved Chemotherapy Bold Beanie Hats

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Looking for Cancer Headwear for Yourself or a Loved One?

What makes Bold Beanies bald head coverings for cancer patients having chemotherapy treatment so popular? Bold Beanies hats, head wraps and scarves mean there is one less thing to worry about. 

Bold Beanies caps are made using quality natural breathable fabrics with minimal seams and no labels inside to make them as comfy as possible. The thin stretchy cotton fabric allows them to fit snugly but not tightly onto a sore scalp and stay put. This and their temperature adjusting qualities is especially appreciated at night time when getting some sleep is challenge enough or as a base layer under other types of hats, headscarves or bandanas. 

Bold Beanies hats come in a variety of beautiful Liberty fabrics, fun prints and a wide range of plain colours. Headwear designs to suit all tastes, budget and help someone complete an outfit and feel a little more normal. Various sizings for women, men, teens and children. 

Bold Beanies were created many years ago by Emilienne who lost her hair during chemotherapy for Grade 3 advanced Breast Cancer. She reacted quite severely to treatment with major sickness and body weakness... at one point she was even unable to sit for more than a minute. Emilienne looked very ill but had no energy to do anything about it. However, with a young family around her, she needed to cover up. The idea of a simple, yet stylish, comfortable, breathable and temperature controlling beanie hat was born. Something which required no energy to put on and would stay comfortably in place. Scarves required lifting of arms and effort to tie in place...and would slip around anyway. 

Award winning chemotherapy gifts in the form of sending the beanies as roses or a bouquet was something close to Emilienne's heart. The first bouquet was sent to a lady suffering permanent Alopecia from her husband. 

Free delivery option available. Discount codes often found on social media accounts. A variety of charity hats available. Bold Beanies can be found via Macmillan Cancer support, Maggies centres, Headwrappers and Cancer Research UK. 

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