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BB Blog — Hair Loss

HeadWrappers Recommends Bold Beanies Trusted Headwear Online

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

HeadWrappers Recommends Bold Beanies Trusted Headwear Online

Bold Beanies is very proud & happy to be a trusted supplier & recommended by HeadWrappers. 

HeadWrappers offers FREE support for those suffering hair loss as a result of Cancer treatments. 

Visit the online support service and join a session at many Maggie's Centres and Macmillan Cancer Information Support Centres

This service is for anyone who has lost or is likely to lose their hair due to cancer treatment. During a HeadWrappers Appointment you can expect to:-

  • Either have a private appointment for up to one hour or a two hour group session with trained volunteers who understand the impact of losing your hair

  • Feel more confident coping with hair loss

  • Receive practical tips on caring for your hair and scalp before, during and after treatment

  • Learn how you can make the most of scarves, hats and hair pieces as an alternative to wigs

  • Learn scarf tying techniques

  • Try on a range of different headwear to see what suits you best

  • Receive your personal Wish List with detailed information on how to purchase items

  • Talk through any concerns you may have about your hair loss

  • Receive guidance and sign posting to other charities and support organisations

  • Receive your Bold Beanies Online Shop Headwear Discount Code.

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New Gorgeous Liberty Double-Sided Head Wraps

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

New Gorgeous Liberty Double-Sided Head Wraps

Bold Beanies are proud to introduce new double-sided Liberty Print Head Wraps to their head covers selection of products for women and teen girls undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer or more permanent hair loss such as Alopecia Areata.

Beautiful Liberty Prints on one side and a co-ordinating plain on the other. The Head Wraps are about one and a half metres long and can be wrapped on their own or over a Bold Beanies hat to add a stylish turban style interest to the face. The wraps can be tied in a multitude of ways depending on mood and the look of the day. The double side is not just economical but practical too, offering many more options to wear and style. 

Made in the UK using the highest quality fabric and finish. Due to the stretchy nature of the fabric they are very easy to tie or tuck in and so no lengthy lifting of arms is required... just wrap, tie or tuck in - easy! One less thing to worry about. 

We are adding new styles of this new product weekly, but please contact Emilienne ( directly if you have anything specific in mind? Maybe you are having chemotherapy and attending a more formal event and need something to co-ordinate with an outfit.

A bespoke hair loss head wear hat, headscarf and head wrap service is available.

The fabric is naturally breathable and UV protective and designed with style and comfort in mind. 

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Cute Pretty Cancer Hats

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Cute Pretty Cancer Hats

Are you looking for Pretty Cancer Headwear? Do you need to feel feminine during chemotherapy treatment? 

We make feminine, flattering floral and pretty Liberty Print Hats, Headscarves and Head Wraps for ladies suffering hair loss from chemotherapy treatments or non-medical Alopecia Areata. Designed with Style and also comfort in mind; our headwear is also easy to put on. No lengthy lifting of arms. 

Gorgeous beautiful prints from Liberty of London for women of all ages. Available in standard size which fits most women and also extra large size. 

The Liberty print (double sided with a co-ordinating plain side) head wraps and headscarves offer height and interest off the forehead and can be worn either side and folded over offering multiple ways to be tied depending on your mood or clothing. 

Or beautiful range of Bold Beanies cancer hats can be worn as daywear or as a breathable temperature controlling night cap. Plenty of cute prints to choose from and match your nightwear. 

The stretchy thin cotton fabric fits snuggly onto the head and doesn't slip around like other cancer headwear. Our high quality Liberty fabrics are naturally sweat-wicking, breathable and UV protective. 

Which one will you choose? Free UK Delivery on all orders over £40. Fast Worldwide Shipping.

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Cancer Hats for Men

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Cancer Hats for Men

Benefits of our Bold Beanies Chemo Hair Loss Headwear for Men

- Natural Stretchy Cotton Fabric

- Breathable & Temperature Controlling

- Designed for style & comfort

- No slipping on bald scalp

- Minimal Seams For Optimal Comfort

- Sweat Wicking & Naturally Antibacterial

- Wear as Soft Helmet & Other Headwear Liner

- No Irritating Label or Seams

- Easy to put on

- UV protective

- Liberty Prints & Customisable Plain Colours

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Women’s Cancer Hats US USA United States

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Women’s Cancer Hats US USA United States

I had a really lovely online enquiry from a customer earlier asking about shipping our bold Beanies cancer hats to the USA. 

She was looking for stylish women’s headwear which was also comfortable as she’s having chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. I explained about our snug, coton beanie cancer hats and beautiful quality Liberty printed double sided head scarf made for comfort and ease after surgery. 

Having chemo, she’d lost her hair quickly and felt cold at night, like I did. Her bald scalp was extra sensitive, so she wanted cotton headwear as they are hypoallergenic and breathable. The skull caps for ladies are suitable for daywear and as a temperature controlling cancer sleep hat.

She ordered some soft cancer Beanies (plain colours and Liberty prints) and head scarves to be shipped to America and had a headwear bouquet sent to a friend as a thoughtful cancer gift also having chemotherapy in Ireland. She also ordered a graffiti greetings skull cap to be sent to America for her and her children to write on for her oncologist as he is a runner as thin breathable sweat wicking exercise beanie.

I really love hearing from my customers and good feedback about our pretty cancer headwear. 

Fast international shipping to USA, Canada, Australia and Ireland. FREE SHIPPING on all orders over £65.

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