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Summer Cancer headwear for Chemotherapy Patients - Bold Beanies

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Summer Cancer headwear for Chemotherapy Patients - Bold Beanies

When suffering sudden hair loss due chemotherapy treatment you still find yourself cold even on sunny days in the UK. If you're able to be sat out in the sunshine and make the most of the summer sunshine, then you will still need to cover up and protect your extra sensitive bald scalp from burning UV rays. 

Bold Beanies offers a wide range of headwear to suit all. Our original headpiece Bold Beanies beanie hats are made from thin stretchy cotton which are sublimely comfortable, easy to put on, and importantly temperature controlling, UV protective and sweat wicking. 

Our cancer hats provide a comfy base layer for under all types of other summer hats or headscarves.

Wear a Bold Beanie chemotherapy hat at night as a sleep cap when the temperature often drops so you stay at an even temperature to ensure an all important good nights rest. 

We offer cancer hats, headscarves, head wraps for men, women, kids and teens in styles and colour to suit all. 

PICC sleeves are also available to cover up your arm ports allowing you to wear any summer outfit, from t-shirts to vest tops or dresses without having to worry about your port snagging or being visible. 

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