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Face Mask Stock Update & Manufacturing in the UK

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Face Mask Stock Update & Manufacturing in the UK

Hello everyone, 

we are currently being inundated with enquiries about our surgical-style face masks. We are manufacturing as quickly as possible given the restrictions for the Covid-19 lockdown & personal circumstances and will be updating stock levels at regular intervals onto the site, but we are currently experiencing a few technical difficulties, please bear with us. 

We are a highly professional manufacturing business team, but also a small team, which whilst it allows us to react quickly to customer requests and fulfil bespoke desires, it also means that it's harder in busy periods to respond to everyone's queries. 

There is currently no one manning the phones and so all enquiries must go via email please. 

Thank you for your interest in our fun, quirky & pretty Liberty print Eco cotton face masks. I feel the need to point out again out that these face masks are designed for personal use, in the hope of containing the spread of the virus - they do not meet regulatory standards determined for medical devices or personal protective equipment (PPE) products.

Kindest regards to all and stay safe, Emilienne

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