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Kids Design Loving PICC Line Cover for Their Mum

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Kids Design Loving PICC Line Cover for Their Mum

I was so happy to receive these wonderful photos from a lovely customer and see this new addition to the bold Beanie range being used just as I'd hoped.

Nicola's sweet young children decorated a PICC line cover sleeve to cover up her chemotherapy port and help her through treatment when they can't be with their mummy. 

How wonderful. Decorated with hearts, flowers rainbow and declarations of love from her children aged 5 and 18 months. 

Nicola has rhabdomyosarcoma which is a soft tissue cancer. The primary cancer is in her nose and it spread to a lymph node in my neck and is having intense chemotherapy which started within days of me being diagnosed. Wishing you every strength Nicola for the remainder of your treatment... take things easy and get lots of cuddles.

The Bold Beanies Greetings Graffiti PICC Line Cover Sleeve plays on the idea of signing a broken arm or leg cast and sending a greetings get well soon card. The pack is delivered with a plain white PICC sleeve and pack of fabric pens for you to customise and add your slogans and messages. The fabric pen ink remains washable until ironed and set.

The perfect gift for a child to colour and draw on for a parent, carer or loved one with Cancer and also as a gift for a crafty child in hospital... they can design their own PICC sleeve to cover up a port or wear in solidarity.

These PICC Line cover sleeves are made using quality soft stretchy cotton breathable fabric to cover a PICC line on the arm port for comfort and security. 

Also suitable for IV Line, Diabetes Pump and CGM Sensor.

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