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Women's Pretty Cancer Hats Scarves Head Wraps UK

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Women's Pretty Cancer Hats Scarves Head Wraps UK

New Liberty Print Cancer Bold Beanies Hats on their way! Check out our new range of head scarves and head wraps in gorgeous Liberty prints with a practical reversible plain side. 

Silky soft cotton chemotherapy hats, scarves, head wraps and PICC line sleeve covers especially designed for comfort by a UK Breast Cancer survivor.

Bold Beanies cancer head wear and accessories are made using high quality thin cotton stretchy material from Liberty Art Fabrics. 

Suitable to wear as a breathable, temperature controlling night cap to protect from the cold (for a good nights sleep) as well as daywear to make a cancer patient feel more comfortable and confident to face their day. 

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