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Cancer Hats for Men - Breathable, Sweat Wicking & Comfy - Father's Day Gift.

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Cancer Hats for Men - Breathable, Sweat Wicking & Comfy - Father's Day Gift.

Are you looking for Cancer Hats for Men? Are you a man losing your hair with chemotherapy treatment? or just looking for a soft breathable layer under all types of helmet and hard hats? STILL TIME FOR DELIVERY FOR FATHERS DAY!

Bold Beanies are simple soft breathable headwear for Men with Cancer Hair Loss. Silky soft, thin stretchy fabric beanie hats made with limited seams and naturally stretchy to fit snuggly on the scalp for the most comfortable fit... so comfortable you will forget you are wearing it and free to get on with your day or get a good nights sleep. They don't slip around like a scarf and provide a breathable, temperature controlling head gear which wicks away sweat too. 

Going gradually bald as a man and loosing your hair suddenly are very different things. Sudden hair loss from an illness like Alopecia or having chemotherapy treatments for cancer can leave you feeling very cold as well as feeling exposed and a lack of confidence. 

Men, like women will lose hair all over their bodies with aggressive chemotherapy. A man's face can look very different with no eyebrows and he will realise that eyelashes serve a purpose of keeping dust etc out if the eyes.

Felling comfortable and covering up is therefore very important to men as well as women with cancer. Bold Beanies come in two sizes and in an array for masculine plain colours (which can also be customised with a name or slogan of your choice) or fab Liberty Prints for men. 

Made in the UK. Fast Worldwide shipping available. 

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