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How to Prepare for Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

How to Prepare for Chemotherapy Hair Loss

If your doctor has prescribed a chemotherapy drug that is known to cause hair loss, make the decision to prepare yourself for hair loss before treatment begins. Cancer already does a number on a person's self-image, and hair loss can be a seriously devastating side effect. Early preparation can help you cope when your hair begins to fall out.

Many women choose to cut their hair short or shave their heads entirely before hair starts to fall out. It's a lot less shocking to have short clumps of hair fall out in the shower or in your hands, rather than a handful of long strands. Plus, hair tends to come out in uneven patches, and short hair can help to temporarily mask this.

I went straight for a 'buzz cut' but feel with hindsight it would have been a good idea for me to have an in-between cut so it was less shocking.  

2 Get a Wig

If you plan on wearing a wig after you lose your hair to chemotherapy, try to get one before your hair begins to fall out. Choosing a wig before hair loss is ideal because it allows you to choose a wig that matches your hair colour best and you'll have it on hand when hair loss starts. However you may decide to try a completely new look! Most NHS areas offer at least one wig to cancer patients starting a course of chemotherapy where medical Alopecia (hair loss) is inevitable.

I had a wig, but I have to say it wasn't a pleasant process really and I regret the experience. I wish I could have had longer choosing one and everything happened so fast I didn't have anyone with me to help choose one. As a result I didn't like mine very much and only wore it on 2 occasions at the request of my then 4 year old daughter. I found my wig very uncomfortable and felt more self conscious wearing that my beanies. BUT that is just me and I would still recommend getting at least one wig.

Even if you get a wig, you will need some type of head covering for when you are not wearing your wig, especially during chilly weather and during the night. Wigs can also be uncomfortable, so you will want some easy comfy 'hygge' headwear to slip on easily and cover up for your family and loved ones. Your scalp will most likely be sensitive when not covered, not to mention cold. Beanies also provide excellent protect protection against the sun and wind when outdoors.

Why not add a head wrap over your Bold Beanie for an extra touch of luxury.

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