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Sarah Beeny; No Longer Afraid of Cancer TV Documentary

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Sarah Beeny: Why I’m no longer scared of cancer - by Peony Hirwani

TV presenter is set to release a candid documentary entitled ‘Sarah Beeny vs Cancer’, which follows her battle with breast cancer.

Sarah Beeny says it took being diagnosed with cancer herself to end four decades of fear around the disease, as she opens up about her experience in a new documentary.

The 51-year-old was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2022, and says her mother died of the same illness approximately 40 years ago.

Beeny says her own diagnosis brought with it complicated questions about developments in breast cancer treatment and how the prognosis has changed in the decades since her mother’s death.

In Sarah Beeny vs Cancer, the Property Ladder and Sarah Beeny‘s New Life in the Country presenter explores the past, present and future of breast cancer treatment in the UK.

The programme documents the highs and lows of her treatment journey and even dives into how her family – husband Graham Swift and their four children, 18-year-old Billy, 16-year-old Charlie, 14-year-old Raffey and 12-year-old Laurie – felt during the difficult process.

Speaking in an interview with the Press Association about her reasons for making the programme Beeny said she had “lived with fear of cancer since my mother died”.

Sarah Beeny vs Cancer will air on Channel4 at 9pm on 12 June.

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