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What are Bold Beanies and why are they so special?

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

So comfortable you will forget you are wearing it. Natural, Breathable, temperature controlling UV protective as well as stylish. 

Bold Beanies Cancer Chemo Hats were designed by Emilienne after she lost her hair with chemotherapy treatment for Stage 3 advanced Breast Cancer at a young age. She found her bald head very cold, particularly at night time. She took her experience and designed the perfect hair loss hat... wether that be from chemotherapy treatment temporary hairloss or more permanent Alopecia or hair thinning.

Losing your hair suddenly makes you feel extra cold. Emilienne wore woollen beanies mostly but they were itchy and would get too hot and so she would take it off and then of course she'd get cold again... disturbing an already difficult night's sleep. Headscarves were hard to tie having had so much surgery. The sheer relief from wearing a soft comfy breathable beanie that fit snuggly so was less prone to slipping around (as head scarves do, especially in bed) is felt by many. Perfect for day wear to feel less conscious of your hair-loss Alopecia and just get on with your day with one less thing to worry about.

It was important for her to stay covered up for her family as she looked very ill and thats when she realised the need for Bold Beanies. A hat with minimal seams, especially over pressure points and no extra irritants, like labels.

Bold Beanies hats sleep cap beanys bonnets skull caps... however you choose to describe them are silky soft stretchy cotton and so very comfortable you will forget you are wearing them, but with beautiful Liberty Fabric prints or fun prints (as well as a rainbow of plain colours ) you won't have to. Styles to suit everyone and at an affordable price. 

Emilienne makes her headwear sustainably in a small factory unit on the borders of England and Wales. This small business employs craftswomen with a lifetime of sewing experience in a dying UK industry. 

Head scarves and bandanas in cotton, chiffon, silk, have now been added to the extensive range as well as PICC port line sleeves, head wraps, face masks and her book HOPE (it's not about cancer, but about a young girl who discovers something wonderful one grey day). A limited collection of Liberty Print drain bags. hot water bottles are also on the way and a new range of ECO bakery bags. Continuing to add the collections ensure jobs for more people. 

Emilienne has won serval awards over the years for her innovative products, especially the Cancer Chemo Bouquet and Roses gifts to really show you care and give a beautiful, thoughtful and traditional gift of a bunch of flowers online, but also practical too! 

Quality yet cheap headwear for ladies, men, teens and kids of all ages shapes and styles. See the complete collection at


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