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Bacon Linked to Breast Cancer...?

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

"Regularly eating foods like bacon and sausages may raise the risk of breast cancer, according to researchers."

I myself am a vegetarian; I breast fed both my babies; I am not overweight and take regular exercise; have no family history of Breast Cancer and I drink rarely. So articles like this often may me stop and think... why are more younger women getting Breast cancer... is there an environmental trigger? 

"A review of studies found women who ate high levels of processed meat had a 9% increased risk of the cancer compared with those who ate little of it.

The study backs up previous findings of the World Health Organization, which says processed meats cause cancer.

Experts recommend caution about the findings and say the actual risk for individual women is "very small"."

Read more of the BBC New article here:

What is the risk?

In the UK about 14 out of every 100 women will get breast cancer at some point in their lives.

That means a 9% increase in risk in this population would be expected to translate into roughly one extra case of cancer in every 100 women.

Cancer Research UK estimates that about 23% of breast cancers are preventable.

It estimates that about 8% of cases are caused by being overweight and obese and another 8% by alcohol.

Authors of this study, published in the International Journal of Cancer, say the link they found is only for processed meat, not red meat.

The WHO lists processed meat as carcinogenic, primarily because of evidence linking it to a raised risk of bowel cancer, while it says red meat is "probably carcinogenic".

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