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BBC Radio Interview with Emilienne

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Thank you Jim for having me on your BBC Radio Shropshire morning show on 'The Cool Seat'. It was a pleasure... I hope I didn't talk too much :)

If you'd like to listen back to the interview you can click on the link below on BBC iPlayer. My interview is about 50 minutes into the show.

On Jim's show today they have 'GratiTuesday'... listeners call in to say who or what they are grateful for this week. Someone rang in to say they were grateful for me, the interview from yesterday and my soft cotton beanie hats. It's made me quite emotional. I can only ever talk about my own experience with Breast Cancer, mastectomy, surgeries, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but I'm always willing to answer questions and talk should anyone need to. Please just drop me an email to

All the headwear range and gifts are available on this website, including my book, HOPE. 

Bold Beanies cancer hats, head scarves, head wraps, PICC line covers for Men, Women, Children and Teenagers with hair loss wether from chemotherapy treatments or alopecia are made using the finest cotton stretchy fabric. A wide range of plain colours and beautiful Liberty Prints means that is something for everyone. Have the chemo hats and cancer scarves made into a gift. 

The emphasis of the cancer hat design is on comfort and style. Minimal seams and snug fit make them super- comfortable. Breathable and temperature controlling headwear for hair loss. Designed and made by Emilienne, Breast Cancer survivor and clothing manufacturer.

If anyone would like information about our small run clothing manufacture from our little factory in Oswestry, UK, please contact us by email on or We can make any sewn garments, bespoke single items, small run and also large manufacturing of garments to your specifications. We can also make your patterns and offer a fabric cutting service.

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