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Fun Comfy Cancer Alopecia Hats for Kids

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Fun & Comfy Chemo Alopecia Hair Loss Hats for Kids and Teens

Cotton headwear for boys and girls suffering the side effects from chemo or with Alopecia. Our hats our stretchy and fit snugly, but not tightly, onto the head and stay put allowing children to forget they are wearing one and get on with playing, reading or whatever they like to do. The temperature controlling nature of the thin natural cotton fabric means it keeps the head cool in warmer weather or heated rooms and warm in colder environments. 

Any of our plain beanie hats or PICC covers can be customised with a name, slogan or image of your choice... and for arty kids there's also the Graffiti sets!

Fun Liberty prints for both boys and girls and teenagers... if you're looking for something specific, please do ask. As a small business we pride ourselves on being to help when possible and almost always succeed :) 

Having had chemotherapy myself and lost my hair and also a mother myself, finding the best headwear available is such a relief and just one less thing to worry about wether for yourself or a child.

Our headwear is also suitable for children with hair! Especially great at covering delicate ears from the cold & wind when doing outdoor sports. Thin, breathable and soft they fit under all types of helmets. 

Made in the UK. FREE UK DELIVERY on all orders over £40

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