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Happy Birthday to Lotte & Happy 'Chemoversary' to me...

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

October 5th not only marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month but my Daughter's Birthday... and the day I had my second Chemotherapy for Stage 4 advanced Breast Cancer. I was aged 31 and my eldest daughter had just turned 4 a few weeks previously and had started school. 11 years ago (2007)

Shortly after these blurry photos were taken, doing my best to smile (and make sure they didn't realise anything was wrong), the nurse arrived to give me my second course of chemotherapy. This led to me losing my hair and eventually deciding to make Bold Beanies when and if I ever felt better... to make fellow Cancer Hair Loss sufferers treatment just a little bit more bearable. 

I'd had a lot of surgery and found it difficult to lift my arms so therefore couldn't really tie a scarf or keep one in place. I hated my wig as it was just so uncomfortable and made me feel even more self conscious than my bald head. This was the days before the great big internet shopping world and I struggled to find headwear that wasn't targeted at older ladies... to fussy and outdated for me. I wore woollen hats which were often too hot and itchy.

Comfy, soft and stylish cancer headwear for younger women diagnosed with Breast Cancer and others who just need to cover up for their family and get on with their day. 

I had my chemotherapy at home. Something I didn't consider very much and just thought practical because my children were so young, but with hindsight I regret as I never had the chance to bond and talk to other chemo patients. I was left to make conversation with a not too sociable nurse for hours on my own and found it a very hard, cold (probably due to the cold drip) and isolating experience... especially knowing the sickness which was about to follow. 

I've made up for the lack of birthday party every year since btw... I make a point of it :) and the highlight of my year! Well apart from Christmas and Halloween and any other holiday in between that I use as an excuse to decorate our home and have fun with my girls :)  


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