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HOPE Children's Book Written by Bold Beanies Creator Emilienne

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

My first published book HOPE is now available to buy here on Bold Beanies and also on Amazon. 

Please also visit to buy and follow more information about the book.

Writing this story and publishing a book has been a dream of mine for many years and achieving this is a major bucket list tick. 

Hope is a simple story about a little girl who discovers something so incredible and special is gives us all HOPE in this modern world that there are new things out there to be discovered. 

It addresses the idea that a parent or loved one might be ill also... in Hope, Olivia's mother is not well, going through chemo and wearing a Bold Beanie to keep her head at a nice temperature in bed whilst she has her treatment and cover up for her young family. This part of the story is taken from my own experience and those days when I would feel so ill, waiting for the highlight of my day when my little girl would get dropped off from school and I could cuddle and chat with her again and hear about her day. 

I discovered the idea for Bold Beanies whilst in my bed, so it has special significance for me and I love the illustration Dimity created for the book. Bold Beanies are simple luxuriously soft cotton beanie hats for cancer or alopecia hair loss. Thin, natural and breathable, they keep a bald head at an even temperature during the day, but especially at night time when a good nights sleep is so important. 

I hope you all enjoy this lovely story of HOPE.

HOPE can be purchased online here:


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