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Picc Sleeve to cover & protect a diabetes Libre Sensor

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

"Hi, Your company was recommended to me I wear a Libre Sensor on my arm to test my blood sugars. It's about the size of a 2 pound coin I seem to catch it when at work and worried I will pull out I wondered if you do some form of arm band please Look forward to hearing from you, Judith"

Judith contacted us a few weeks ago with a problem with a Libre sensor for her diabetes. We were able to find a PICC line for her and she has since had a few more :) Judith no longer worries about her sensor being pulled out of her arm, which has actually happened and was very painful. 

PICC line covers are great for protecting PICC Lines and other ports for lots of devices... giving you extra security and peace of mind from snagging. 

If you require one for a different part of the arm, please contact Emilienne directly and we will do our upmost to make sure you have a cover sleeve that fits correctly. They are not medical dressings, but they are  thin soft stretchy breathable cotton sleeves. 


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