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Pretty Chemotherapy Hats for Women

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Are you looking for stylish chemo headwear for yourself, a friend or a loved one ? Emilienne set up Bold Beanies over 10 years ago to make sure there were quality stylish and comfy headwear options for women (and now men, kids and teens) who lose their hair. 

See our beautiful range of cancer hair loss headwear. Gorgeous silky soft stretchy cotton beanie hats with style. Sustainable fashion made in small batches in our factory on the border of Wales and the UK to the highest quality with minimal carbon footprint. 

We use the finest Liberty floral print fabrics as well as other designer cotton stretch based materials, silk, chiffon and velvets to make cancer hats and chemo headscarves, head wraps and accessories for ladies having treatments for Breast Cancer or other non medical alopecia. 

Soft on the scalp. Temperature controlling. Easy to put on. Hospital Hat. Sleep Cap. Chemo Chic for young women with cancer. 

We also can gift your head cover choice into a unique award winning gift. Simple sweet roses or have them put into a larger posy or bouquet for a truly thoughtful, traditional gift for and lady suffering through cancer treatment. 

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