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Summer Cancer Hats

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Bold Beanies are made from thin stretchy cotton fabric to fit snuggly and comfortably on a bald scalp from Chemotherapy. The silky soft natural fabric helps the patient maintain the head an even temperature. 

These quality plain and Liberty fabrics wick away sweat and provide UV protection on bald scalp in the sun. Perfect to wear on their own or under other sun hats, scarves, Hijabs or helmets to stop them slipping and provide a moisture barrier in warmer weather. Great for hot hospital rooms but to stay covered up. 

Bold Beanies cancer hats are the perfect sleep cap to allow the wearer a good nights sleep. They don't slip around like scarves and are super comfy. Breathable and temperature controlling and also stylish, so ones less thing to worry about during treatment. 

Also available extra-thin Bold Beanies especially designed for very hot weather.

Are you looking for a thoughtful cancer gift? then why not send a Bold Beanie as a rose or bouquet. We roll the hats to look like roses... a beautiful, thoughtful, practical and traditional gift. 




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