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Very Comfortable Cancer Hats. Easy to Put On. Simple!

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Bold Beanies are Comfortable and Soft Chemotherapy Beanie Headwear.

Designed by a Breast Cancer survivor for extra comfort and ease when you need it most. 

Some days you just won't feel spending time and energy tying a scarf over your balding head... or even feeling like wearing a wig, you will just need a head cover that slips straight on with no lengthy lifting of arms to cover up for your loved ones and keep warm... a Bold Beanie! Perfect loungewear around the house, in hospital or out and about. A great sleep cap that won't slide around. 

The quality breathable natural cotton fabric will keep your head at an even temperature. Their simple design has minimal seams for comfort and no irritating labels.  

The Bold Beanies range is available for Kids, Women and Men in a vast array of flattering plain colours to co-ordinate with any skin tone and outfit. These luxury chemo hats also come in a wonderful range of Liberty Art Fabric prints... these famous and fashionable prints are certain to lift your spirits. The only difficulty is deciding which ones to choose!

Be #comfyforchemo in your Bold Beanie. 

Made in the UK. Free and Fast Worldwide shipping available. 

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