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Welcome to 2021...

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

I think most people were pleased to see the end of 2020. What a difficult year for all of us. A year for patience, friendship, all things online and finding contentment at home. Many have worked tremendously hard and put their own lives at risk to keep the country going, to which I am personally very grateful. 

This year is also starting off to a shaky start, but with hope for the vaccines, so I remain positive. But like many I miss and I worry for my family. Please stay safe and follow the guidelines.

Lots happening here at Bold Beanies H Kew. We've been working flat out at factory to keep stock being produced. We are a small operation so we were able to adhere to all social distancing rules and keep going, but it's been a massive challenge at times. 

New products are being developed ( this is the exciting bit for me! ) and we will working with some interesting designers and small businesses to create sustainable wears here on the borders of England and Wales. Follow rebelfamilyproduction on Instagram for more manufacturing up to date info. My daughter will also be getting her camera out for styling videos and mini headscarf and head wrap vlogs! 

I'm proud to introduce a new collection to Bold Beanies headwear range using a fun bold fabric prints for Women with Breast Cancer. I've also been working on some longer-term blogs testing out various products aimed and eyebrow and eyelash hair growth following chemotherapy. Blogs coming soon. 

This year I will remind you all to 'feel it on the first' and check your breasts. Men also should check for lumps. If you are like me and have had any breast surgery, then you are also reminded to check your breasts or breast area for any abnormal signs or lumps... even if you think you have no breast tissue left, its still important.  

Wishing you all kindness, health and happiness... Emilienne x

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