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Bald Head? Feeling Cold? Bold Beanies are the answer...

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

I know what its like to have chemotherapy in the winter and feel extra cold. Its very hard to get warm, especially at night time when scarves would slip around and a woollen hat would be either too hot or left taking it off and then waking from all important sleep freezing cold. 

Thats when I had the idea for Bold Beanies. Simple, soft, snug and oh so comfortable and won't slip around. Thin stretchy cotton material that keeps the scalp at an even temperature and therefore helping you to get a good nights sleep or get on with your day. 

They also had to be pretty and stylish and I knew then my love for Liberty prints would come in handy. Making these comfy chemo headwear for not just women but men and kids too. 

For extra warmth layer underneath another Bold Beanie or one of your favourite hats or scarves. Soon you will able to buy Bold Beanie scarves too!

Stay warm and all the best for the remainder of your treatments or supporting a loved one, Emilienne x


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