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European Distributors of Cancer Headwear Wanted

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Bold Beanies is currently searching for new distributors in Europe. Do you sell to hair loss, Cancer, chemotherapy or Alopecia sufferers in France, Germany, Spain or Italy?

Do you sell scarves, wigs or other hair pieces but would like to offer more range, especially to add comfort and quality to your range of bald accessories?

Bold Beanies have very good wholesale pricing model in order to reach as many patients as possible... determined to make a hard situation just a little bit more bearable. 

Are you a fashion retailer, but would love to add a fashionable cancer hat to your range. Liberty Art Fabric maybe? Or some fun kids beanies? 

The range now includes sleep caps, day beanies, scarves in soft cotton and silk in beautiful Liberty fabrics as well as Picc line covers, HOPE (a positive kids story), Graffiti Greetings skull caps and Gorgeous bouquet and rose gifts.  

Made in the UK by a Cancer Survivor, Emilienne. We are currently looking at drop-ship pricing also, so please contact Emilienne via if you would like further information when available. 

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