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Chemo Beanies, Scarves and Wigs

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

Bold Beanies cancer headwear are a staple of your chemo wardrobe in order to keep your head at a comfortable even temperature. Made to fit snugly on the head, they are so comfortable you should be able to forget you are wearing it.

Layer one under a scarf to stop it slipping and make sure your head is covered should the scarf come loose and fall off.

Wear one of these thin soft breathable beanies under any type of other hat (wooly, knitted, fleece) to provide a natural barrier for a sensitive scalp. 

Everyone will be offered a wig (on the NHS in the UK) and I suggest that you get one... but you can't wear a wig all the time. First of all they are very uncomfortable and itchy, but secondly you don't wear them in bed. Bold Beanies are perfect to be worn at night time... ensuring a better nights sleep. 

With a wide range of Liberty prints and plain colours you can find a beanie to match any outfit or style.

Suitable for all temporary hair loss Cancer Chemotherapy patients as well as anyone suffering hair thinning, bald patches to more serious long-term conditions like Alopecia Areata. 

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