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My Mastectomy Journey... Getting Nipple Tattoos!

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

On Saturday I will get Nipple Tattoos! These little cherries will literally mark the end of my very long journey of Breast Cancer, Double Breast Reconstruction.

Having searched an researched a lot over the years and even contemplated a trip to the States, after a long wait I have found the perfect person to finish my nipples. 

Having been surprised at every stage of the reconstruction process by how much better emotionally it made me feel (after the surgery had healed!). Restoring some of my femininity after many years with just one boob. Clothes fit me better and I have more shape. 

I've had the nipple tattoo procedure done at the hospital a couple of times already, but the ink they use is semi-permanent and mine always faded after just a few weeks.  

I came across Vicky Martin by chance on Instagram and I'm so happy I did. Skin patch test done and now I can't wait to get them inked on Saturday. 

You can follow this mini story here on my blog, Instagram and Facebook. I look forward to sharing this exciting moment with you. 

You can find out more about the Vicky Martin Technique here:

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