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Hats for Children with Cancer Hair Loss

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

If you are looking for soft comfortable headwear for a child with cancer then we have a wide selection online and have just updated all of the stock. 

Bold Beanies chemotherapy skull caps are super soft and silky, made of natural and high quality stretchy cotton material to fit snuggly onto kids bald scalp. 

Limited seams and no inside labels mean these beanie hats are as comfortable as possible, leaving ones less thing to worry about and a child to play or rest undisturbed. The natural thin breathable fabric is temperature controlling meaning it can be worn day or night (as a sleep cap) indoors and outdoors. 

Bold Beanies for boys and girls come in a wide variety of plain colours and Liberty of London prints to suit all. They come in three age sizes, mini, midi and maxi (small, medium and large). Matching Teddy or Dolly Bald Beanies are also available.

Suitable for any child hair loss from childhood cancers to early onset Alopecia. Also useful as a helmet, hat, scarf liner to keep little ears warm for children with or without hair.


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