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What to Wear When You Lose Hair With Chemotherapy Cancer Treatment

Posted by Emilienne Rebel on

The Key to Cancer Headwear is Comfort.. To Make this Chemo Side Effect more bearable.

Chemo hair loss can be fast and usually starts to fall out with the second round of chemo infusion. It can make your scalp sore (it reminded me of when I had my hair tied back too tight as a child and then it hurt when you took the bands out). Loosing your hair suddenly can make you feel very cold as a bald head losses heat very quickly.  You may also lose hair from all over your body, adding to the heat loss.

Often you will have had some kind of surgery which may make lifting your arms quite difficult. Tying scarves therefore might be too hard or tricky so a simple Bold Beanie to slip on easily to cover up for yourself and loved ones is just what's needed. 

Bold Beanies are made using the highest quality soft silky stretchy fabrics from the UK and Liberty of London. They are natural cotton based which make them naturally sweat wicking, breathable and keep the head at an even temperature.  We have designed the hat to have no seams that sit on pressure points when sleeping. These skull caps are designed to fit snugly on the head, but not tightly and will not slip around like a scarf. Wear a Bold Beanie as a liner under any scarf to stop it moving and provide more warmth, especially over ears if wanted.  No labels inside to irritate the scalp.

The beautiful Liberty fabric makes you feel more confident to get on with your day. Perfect for layering or on their own day or night sleep wear.

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